4 Ways to Spot A Fake BBQ Joint

While there are some restaurants like Jarry Smoked Meat where you can enjoy the best of barbecues, there are hundreds of barbecue restaurants that spend a lot of time making fake barbecue for their customers. These barbecue restaurants serve their customers with baked meat. Knowing how to spot out a fake barbecue joint will help you stay far away from such restaurants.

Those who love eating barbecue believe that not all barbecue joints are equal; that some utilize compressed wood pellets, gas, and electricity. A barbecue joint is said to be fake if you notice the following:

#1: You Can’t Find Any Wood Stack

As we all know, a good barbecue is made from meat, fire, and wood smoke. If you can’t find any wood around a barbecue restaurant or you can’t perceive the smell of smoke, then what you are eating isn’t barbecue. Don’t fall for the sawdust used by most barbecue restaurants today – what you want to smell is actual wood smoke. When it comes to barbecue, only wood should be used. Using electricity, wind turbine, solar power, or gas is not accepted.

#2: When the Barbecue Is Sauced Before Served

A customer has the right to decide whether his or her barbecue gets sauced or not. On this note, if your barbecue is sauced unannounced, then it is probably a trick to hide all the barbecue sins. There are certain sauces that can hide all funny tastes in a barbecue. Stay away from any barbecue joint that hits your table with sauced barbecue.

#3: You Notice Liquid Smoke

This is a big no! If you taste a barbecue and notice the taste of liquid smoke, then you are spending your hard-earned money on a fake barbecue joint. Liquid smoke contains concentrated smoky flavor that produces a harmful chemical note when dumped in mops, sauces or marinades. Only restaurants that use an electricity or gas oven will apply liquid smoke on their barbecue.

#4: When the Ribs “Slide Off the Bone”

You can’t eat a good barbecue without using your lateral and central incisors. If you don’t tear the ribs off the bones, then the barbecue wasn’t properly cooked. Although most people may like it when the ribs slide off the bone, real barbecue isn’t prepared that way. This should be taken under serious consideration when looking for a real barbecue restaurant.

Spotting fake barbecue restaurant is very easy. Whenever you notice the earlier mentioned tips, then you are probably in a fake barbecue joint.