Basic Information Everyone Should Know About Breadsticks

Breadsticks are also called by grissini or grissini sticks. They are long, thin pieces of dry and crispy bread. Breadsticks made its first appearance in the Italian city of Turin in the 14th century BCE. The typical and original design of these grissini sticks was: hand-rolled and it can also be twisted into many shapes.

A basic bread recipe includes flour, water, and salt as its ingredients. But, the modern bakers use some or various kinds of yeast dough to bake the breadsticks. Pizza dough is the ideal choice. The dough is spread on the worktop flat, cut into various strips of an inch, rolled into cylindrical sticks, and lastly baked into the oven till they turn golden and crispy. The art of mastering in baking perfect breadsticks is to always aim for the crisp and dry texture without burning them in the oven.

They can simply be baked plain and can be seasoned with salt or flavored with garlic, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, honey, paprika flakes, and herbs like rosemary, thyme etc. Modern breadsticks are also made from whole wheat or multi-grain.

How to Choose Breadsticks in the Market

  • Yes, they are easy to make. But, the people who aren’t cooking savvy or are simply lazy, prefer to buy them from the market.
  • If choosing the latter, make sure the breadsticks are just out of the oven.
  • If buying from a supermarket, ensure you purchase a good brand. Also look out for the date of manufacturing, date of expiry, and seal of the pack.

 Culinary Uses of Breadsticks

  • Breadsticks are usually served with soups, along with buns, dinner rolls etc.
  • Nowadays, breadsticks are flavored with herbs, cheese, tomato puree, garlic and a lot more. When they are flavored, it adds more flavor to the soup.
  • In fine dining restaurants, breadsticks are served as appetizers along with tossed salads, spaghetti etc.
  • To form the classical starters, breadsticks are also combined with ingredients like Prosciutto.

  • They are also offered at wine tasting sessions and events which helps in cleansing the palate in between tasting wines.

How to Store Breadsticks

It is highly recommended to store breadsticks in air tight container to keep the moisture at bay. Although, they last for long, we advise you to consume it within a week.

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