Keeping Granola Bars Fresh with Good Packaging

One of the most popular snacks or breakfast options around the world is granola bars energizing adults and kids alike. Due to the popularity and high demand of this snack among all ages, it is vitally important to keep the quality of these products from the time they are packed until they are finished by the consumers.

Package manufacturers

How do manufacturers manage this feat? By depending on the right type of packaging, good packaging must keep products hygienic, safe and in premium quality by being strong, durable, puncture-resistant, leak proof and airtight with all being necessary. Many premier companies for packaging; offer granola makers a vast range of options for packaging granola that are equally attractive and efficient.

Retains value

Granola bars require packaging that retains its nutritional value and freshness. Packaging with clear barrier options allowing for ease in opening the product and brand recognition. Also, packaging that is puncture-resistant and durable is necessary to keep out the effects of moisture. So, packaging such as tin-tie paper bags, stand-up pouches, and flat pouches are all quite popular.

Goodbye to boxes

Say bye-bye to boxes: Bags are currently the best way for granola packaging as well as cereal products. Stand up pouches streamline inventory, save space, and shipping, maintain freshness and offer ample opportunity to show-off your brand as well as tell your story. With such stiff competition, who would not want better-looking packaging that works best!

Stand up pouches

For some companies that develop packaging believe that not all flexible packaging is best for granola. Granola packaging in stand-up pouches usually guarantees to be the best at a fair price. All bags of granola come from numerous layers of ‘barrier film’ that are bonded together to guard your product from, light, puncture, moisture, odour and other hazards. The other companies often use only one layer, and that isn’t enough to handle the wear and tear of shelving and shipping.

Packaging conserves the crunch

The stand-up pouches do more than just protect your product. Your company will have the freedom and flexibility to design and deliver packaging that is unique and showcases your brand and your product. Choose the style, size and any structures that fit your needs, then send your artwork or meet with the graphic design crew for the company that is doing your packaging. They will put your graphics on your packaging and it will grab the attention of your customer.

They are many good packaging companies. It is up to your company to do the research to find the one that will do the best for your granola product. There are many that will produce great and attractive packaging for you