Low and Good Amount of Slow Smoke Makes Perfect Spicy Brisket

In Texas, when you are invited for a barbecue, you’re going to eat beef and not pork. For Texans, barbecue is all about brisket, which is a tough and rubbery piece of cow. Brisket is a muscle which helps cow to walk. This means other than eating and burping, there is one more thing that the cow does. When this muscle is cooked slowly on low heat it transforms into the tastiest piece of meat.

Although smoked brisket is a kind of addiction, it can be very tricky and takes lot of time in cooking due to low heat. In case even after that your brisket isn’t cooked well then you might get infuriated because you have spent maximum time in cooking it and your guests have been enjoying the party. That is why brisket is cooked generally in barbecue so that you can also enjoy the party rather than sticking in the kitchen for the entire day.

Here are few steps which can help you arrange your barbecue –

  • Rub brisket with barbecue spice and refrigerate it overnight for a juicy meat.
  • Crumple newspaper filled with charcoal and place it in charcoal chimney. You can then light the newspaper to burn charcoal.
  • To create smoke you need to add wood chunks which should also burn and generate smoke and then close the grill with a lid.
  • Then you open the grill from top and bottom for fire to burn down and the temperature should be between 225 degree and 250 degree.
  • Now set a pan filled with water opposite the coals on bottom grate and lay brisket on water bath.
  • Keep filling the fire with coal to maintain the heat temperature. It takes 4 to 5 hours for brisket to reach a temperature of 160 degree, the moment it reaches that temperature remove it from grill.
  • Wrap brisket with a sheet of foil after pouring lager beer on it to keep it juicy.
  • Place the wrapped brisket on grill again and remove after 2 hours when it is around 190 degree. Remember, if the time taken to cook brisket isn’t the time mentioned here then either you have overcooked or undercooked your meat.
  • Your brisket is ready to serve, let it cool, open the wrap, cut it in slices pour the juice that is remaining in the sheet to give that smoky taste.

Smoky brisket can be eaten with salad, baked beans and bread. Since brisket has excessive fat thus, you need not extra oil to keep it moist. Its fat melts to give enough oil to cook it slowly. Now that you know the method of preparing brisket, then what are you waiting for, call your friends and invite them for an open barbecue.