Why Do We Love Korean Cuisine?

If you consider eating as an adventure, you probably try various cuisines and recipes within each of them. And we hope that you have got the chance to appreciate the exotic and delicious Korean dishes which can beat any other food. Those smells and flavors tempt the appetite and allow nobody to stay indifferent. Even if you have never visited this country, you can cook the authentic meal in your home kitchen following the recipes suggested by plenty of cookery website or book.

Foods as a part of culture

Now people all over the world develop a new taste though still cherishing the traditions. We all prefer natural high-quality food and follow the healthy eating culture – being a gourmet is not the privilege of the elite anymore. We spend our money for such eating experience not only because we want to satisfy hunger but as far as we refine our taste and at the same time we find out more about the new culture.

If we would like to determine the cultural identity of Koreans, we would have to mention various patterns existing simultaneously within one nation. Here “present” and “past” interact so tightly that you can hardly separate one of them. But this is not the most important feature. There is a Korean proverb which says “What looks good tastes good.” So, you can be sure that Koreans pay a lot of attention to the visual appeal and not only to the taste of the food. They like to mix various products creating the unique color combinations. Sometimes it looks even messy but there is a perfect balance in every dish.

Advantages of Korean cuisine

It is healthy as far as the most often ingredient of Korean dishes is vegetables like cabbage, spinach, ginger and bean sprouts. They use a lot of spices. If the meat is used, it is preferably lean like beef of chicken breasts. You will be surprised with variety of the dishes which can be sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. And all those tastes can be combines in a single dish. When you prefer well-spiced food, you should definitely try this cuisine. You must know the popular Korean cabbage – Kimchi. It is prepared in accordance with various recipes but the original one is very spicy. Traditionally here the foods are served in small plates. At the table you find a lot of little bowls with small portions of different meal so that a guest can enjoy more tastes and flavors. You can count up to 12 side foods at the table all at the same time. You will hardly see the separate courses as you get used within Western cuisines. There is a backbone of course and that is rice usually. It can be replaced with noodles. Typically, you will be offered some soup or stews which are served almost boiling. Then among side dishes the seafood, meat, tofu and others served cold or slightly warm. There are plenty of other little things in bite-sized plates so you do not need any forks and knives to eat them.

What do we usually have for breakfast?

Breakfast is extremely important meal for a good start of a day. It must be nutritious but not hearty, full of healthy things filling us with energy but well balanced. Of course, you can cook cereals or eggs, bake some pie or pancakes, but this traditional breakfast is always available and you want something different. Turn to the Koreans traditions and try a light veggie soup. Yes, they eat soups for breakfast. And this is rather beneficial as far as it helps improving digestion and you will easily consume the other foods during the day and enjoy it. Then warm soup will provide some protein and a lot of fiber due to vegetables which are very useful for your health. And in addition it is very convenient to use the leftovers like cucumbers, zucchini and other vegies you get after the last dinner!